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Welcome to the website for Value Add Consulting, LLC. We are experienced professionals dedicated to helping businesses improve their bottom line by increasing operating efficiency and eliminating non-value add activities.

Our Mission:

"To help our customers grow their business by becoming more efficient in all aspects of their operations."

Operations is what we do, plain and simple. Operations is the core to every business. Whether you produce a product or deliver a service, how well you run Operations will determine your success or failure. This is the focus of our company. There are so many facets of Operations that it's difficult to understand how they all interrelate. This is where we can help. Our expertise in the areas of Operations will help enable your business to be more efficient, increase profits and improve customer satisfaction.

We believe in the power of lean functions, continuous process improvement and the need to focus on standardized processes and measurements. If something is not a "Value Add" to the business, then it is of no value and must be eliminated.

Our Core Competencies:

Value Add Consultants are experts in the design and management of the "internal" processes of organizations. We have extensive experience in the Operations, Quality Assurance and Engineering disciplines. While other consultants focus their efforts on outward facing objectives such as Sales and Marketing, Value Add Consulting, LLC focuses on helping you improve the internal processes that enable your business to really perform and cut costs. We have decades of experience within the various disciplines and are able to help your company avoid the "growing pains" associated with a growing business. Our passion is to help companies that are trying to grow their business and are in need of help in implementing an infrastructure and organized processes. That's where we come in to guide and inspire management to formulate a vision and to achieve new objectives. By listening to your needs and goals, we'll assess your organization and deliver solutions tailored to your business.

Who We Are:

If you had a choice between hiring a consultant that only studied techniques vs. hiring one who actually came from industry, fought in the same trenches as your team and had a long history of implementing successful process improvements, whom would you prefer? Our team has years of hands-on experience in implementing processes and techniques that have proven successful in improving process performance. We want to share our experiences with you and your teams so that you may focus on what you do best: satisfying your customers. Our insight and experiences will save you valuable time and resources by getting it right the first time.

Browse Our Site:

Feel free to browse our web site in order to obtain more information on what we do and to learn about potential improvement ideas. If you feel we may be a Value Add to your organization or would just like to discuss how we may be of service, please visit out Contact page and contact us using the one of the methods listed. Thanks for visiting.

Value Add Consulting

609-332-9668     "If it's not Value Add, don't do it."™